The Charter

Pays Gourmand

In the heart of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region, we invite you to come and taste the flavours of our terroir!

Discover the label, the charter and the presentation video

And a list of approved restaurants.

Restaurants that have signed the Pays Gourmand charter showcase local produce at their tables. They share the same spirit: to make the most of what our valleys have to offer, season after season.

Our chefs source their produce from local producers and artisans, from their own gardens, and some pick from the wild. They’ll introduce you to the art of local cuisine.

The Pays Gourmand label

In the Verdon Valley, Annot, Barrême and Entrevaux, Pays Gourmand restaurants offer a minimum of 3 dishes composed mainly of local produce (including at least one main course or menu).

Dishes based on local produce vary with the seasons, depending on what’s available.

These restaurateurs support local agriculture and promote our culinary identity.

Finally, Pays Gourmand is a global approach to quality. Restaurant owners take great care to ensure the quality of their establishments, whether in terms of the content of their menus or the way they welcome their customers.

Restaurateurs registered with the Label Pays Gourmand undertake to :

  1. Be located in the Pays Gourmand area
  2. Propose three Pays Gourmand dishes or a menu featuring a majority of local products
  3. Sourcing locally
  4. Promoting local products and producers
  5. Promoting local culinary culture
  6. Promoting the Pays Gourmand network and the region
  7. A global approach to quality
  8. Get involved in the operation of the Pays Gourmand label.

The Pays Gourmand charter

Since 2016, the CCAPV has chosen to develop the Pays Gourmand label with the following objectives:

  • Enhance and improve the region’s image through our gastronomy, our producers and our culinary identity.
  • Meet the growing expectations of local and tourist customers who are increasingly aware of the importance of responsible consumption and product quality.
  • Network different categories of players to meet the demand for participatory tourism by promoting agricultural, craft and culinary know-how.
  • Enhance the natural and cultural heritage of our rural mountain territories by creating itineraries that connect sites and players (Maison de produits de Pays, Agritourism, belvederes, restaurateurs, food artisans, etc.) and encourage the local and tourist population to move within and between territories, particularly between the 3 partner territories on the project.
  • Support the establishment and sustainability of short circuits in local areas, and raise awareness, mobilize and inform as many people as possible about local eco-consumption practices and short circuits.

Pays Gourmand video presentation