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Discover the restaurants in Pays Gourmand!

In the heart of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region, come enjoy the tastes and flavors of our area.

Discover the Pass'Gourmand loyalty card

Discover the Pass'Gourmand loyalty card

Mix culture and french gastronomy ! Discover 4 different restaurants with the Pays Gourmand (Gourmet country) label and have a free ticket to visit one of our partner museums !

What is the Pass'Gourmand ?

The Pass’Gourmand is a loyalty card shared with the restaurants that has joined the Pays Gourmand label. This card allows a family to have a free ticket to visit one of our partner museums and to have some advantages in the restaurants that fullfill the label criterias.

How does it work ?

You may recover your loyalty card in the first restaurant. To complete your card, you have to eat in three other restaurants. Each time, at the end of your meal, the restaurant owner will tick the card.

How could you use your advantages ?

Request or present your Pass'Gourmand card to the restaurant owner (better at the beginning of your meal) so that he can apply the corresponding advantage :

  • a complementary coffee in the second restaurant
  • a complementary aperitif in the third and fourth restaurants

Once you have a complete card, head to the partner museum of your choice and exchange your Pass'Gourmand card for a free ticket .

Our partner museums : 



La Maison Nature et Patrimoine de Castellane

Situated in the center of Castellane, the Maison Nature & Patrimoines consists of the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon’s information point, the Musée Sirènes and Fossiles and the Musée du Moyen Verdon. Its entire team welcomes you from April to September to help you (re)discover the outstanding natural and cultural features of the territory of Castellane and that of Moyen Verdon. You will find there the Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon’s information point and its 1000 pieces of advice about nature, two exhibitions at the Musée Sirènes and Fossiles, the Musée du Moyen Verdon, a temporary exhibition area, a boutique ...


Secrets de Fabriques.

Relive the times when Barreme was the center of the lavender industry ! Strolling through the heart of the old machinery and the garden, the aromatic plants, essentiel oils and instructive presentations will awake your senses.






La Minoterie de la Mure

Secrets de Fabriques

Begining in the 1902 the fourmill in La Mure Argens produced an excellent quality of flour for 70 years. In 2016, a museum was created in the original mill to keep the atmonsphere ! Come and lose yourself in the maze of ancient machines and equipment. Intercative presentations will stimulate your imagination, with the possibility to touch the machines that our ancestors worked with !

LA MAISON des gorges du verdon

The aim of the eco - museum is to inform and make visitors aware of the complexity of the area of grand canyon of the Verdon In order to have a better understanding of it and to preserve it. Adults and children can follow the course of the river from the summits of the Grand Canyon, passing by the fields and plateaux The museum shows you the close connection between man and nature. The museum also has throughout the year, exhibitions and talks on theme of the environment, aiming at developing cultural, educational and scientific knowledge.




La Maison musée de colmars les alpes

La Maison-Musée du Haut-Verdon est avant tout une maison...! Datée du 17ème siècle, elle vous offre la possibilité de découvrir différentes scènes de la vie quotidienne montagnarde au début de 20ème siècle : les loisirs et le tourisme entre 1900 et 1950, la salle de classe d'antan, le salon bourgeois, ou encore un cabinet de médecin du siècle passé...La Maison-Musée, c'est aussi la découverte du chemin de ronde de Colmars : chaque tour bastionnée est un lieu d'exposition sur un thème différent: la vie de Vauban, les costumes, les régiments du passé, la reconstitution étonnante d'une tranchée de la guerre de 1914, les vieux métiers, le jardin botanique et la cabane de berger...

la citadelle d'entrevaux

The site built on a stone escarpment along a narrow rocky overhang is literally extraordinary. Expect beautiful views over the medieval village and the surrounding area. Imagine what life was like within this fortress with its old dungeons, its keep and its tunnels.
Located on the border between France and Duchy of Savoy (which became the kingdom of Italy), the key to mid-Provence, this fortress suffered the trials and tribulations of war: victories, defeats, sieges, occupations and the servitudes of being a garrison town from the 15th to the 19th century.

During the First World War (1914-1918), the fort held German officer prisoners-of-war: this was its last military assignment.



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